The noise of motorbikes, voices of tourists, a mixture of different odors in the scorching air. The little extra magic of turning the corner and leaving everything behind.
Truly white sand and a blue sea: it’s just like a picture in an advertisement for some paradise published in a travel magazine. And it’s really difficult to believe your eyes at first, that this scenery exists in real life.

It is the island of Boracay in the Philippines. And they are running very low on clouds.

Boracay island


The island is just 8 km long and 1 km wide. It attracts millions of tourists every year. Populated very densely, it is covered with all sorts of hotels and hostels.

Here you can easily find a five-star hotel with a private beach for a fantastic price per day, or a dorm room in a hostel hidden by palm trees, and behind it a small pond and a café, where fresh papaya and bananas from the branch are served for breakfast for just $1-2.

Boracay Island


On one side of the island — a white beach with numerous piers and boats, alongside a line of cafes and bars. On the other side of the island — Balabog beach, a paradise for kitesurfers. Here, no one swims, due to very strong winds and constant waves. Along the coast it is easy to find different schools of kitesurfing and take lessons.



Wander into the deeps of island and you find yourself in a completely different universe. Here locals live. Balconies with Chinese dragons, chicken running around the courtyards, one house blends in with the other, all live like a huge family. There is not a hint of luxury, there is life on the edge of poverty.

Boracay Island


On the island you can find many silent spots. Up to the north there is a beach called Puka Shell — quiet, deserted and beautiful.

Boracay Island

Nonetheless, the most stunning color of the sea and the most spectacular sunsets are viewed from the White Beach. Too many people — yeah,  but this is probably one of the few places where it is necessary to go, to relax and just hang with a fruit smoothie for a few days — even for those who love the feeling of being permanently on the road.

White Beach

How to get there: flight Manila – Caticlan, cheap deals can be found here or here. Then from airport to the sea port and it takes 15 mins by boat to the island.

Don’t forget: to pay Travel Tax as 1620 pesos on the departure moment from Philippines. Keep some money before leaving the country.

Where to eat: one of million places is  Real Coffee and Tea Cafe.
Hostels: cheap Traffalgar Cottage.

Time to go: the summer mansoon brings heavy rains from May to October. So the rest of the year is good enough for visiting Phils, but you should be aware of posibility to find plenty of algaes in the water in April or May.


Text and photos by khalezova.
Edit by Anna Moss

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