One day in Kostroma: walking through the snow, observing old monastaries, and meeting with real elks.

Kostroma is the cradle of the Romanov Tsars’ dynasty, the birthplace of Ivan Susanin – the Russian national hero who saved tsar Mihail in the 17th century by misleading the Polish invaders leading them into the deep forest instead of showing the right place, – and the residence of the main Russian Father Frost granddaughter – we call her Snegurochka.

Kostroma – small, quiet provincial and utterly charming town on the Volga, was founded by Yuri Dolgoruky in the 12th century as an outpost of the north-eastern borders of Russia. It is just 346 km far from Moscow.

And in Kostroma, you can admire the wonderful old churches, marvel at the art of carpenters in the Museum of Wooden Architecture and simply relax on the picturesque Volga expanses. An impressive number of “fairytale” Kostroma museums makes a great tourist destination for traveling with children.

One of must-see places in Kostroma is unique Russian Sumarokovo elks’ farm, located in the Krasnoselsky district of Kostroma region. Here everyone could tame mooses – majestic forest giants. From one look at these giants you can just keep you breath, because mooses are much bigger than humans, however, there is no need to be afraid: though mooses are mostly living in the wild, they are very friendly animals and always happy to be near the people. You can feed them with the carrots which you get at the entrance of the farm.

Today, tourism is seen as a major area of economic development of the city. Kostroma is traditionally included in the tourist route “The Golden Ring of Russia” and cruises on the Volga River. The number of tourists and sightseers annually visiting the city is about 400 thousand people. Most tourists visit the city as part of one-day excursions.




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