The Fairy Tale Canyon in Kyrgyzstan – Place To Visit  

If you once find yourself wandering in the valleys of Kyrgyzstan, the Fairy Tale canyon (or Skazka)  is definitely one standing out place to visit.

The canyon was called because of its rocky landscape that for many years has been transformed by wind into amazing sculptures and formations.

From here the unusual view opens on an amazing wide panorama of lake and blue caps of mountains.

Not only the shapes in this canyon are outstanding, also the colors of the rocks are really different than at any other location in Kyrgyzstan.

When arriving in Skazka Canyon you will find yourself in a world full of red, pink, orange and yellow colors in all possible shades. The colors have spread over the rocks like beautiful colorful paintings. With the sun shining upon it you really feel as if you entered a completely different world.

The residents of nearby villages say that it is impossible to see the same landscape in the canyon. Even the sun, which in these places warms in a special way, makes the canyon hills really fabulous, changing their colors during the day several times.


Tips&Tricks: From Karakol to Fairy Tale Canyon (112km) pivate Taxi cost 2000 SOM per car or you can take public minibus to Balykchy or Bokonbaevo and ask driver to stop at the canyon (100 SOM).

Entrance fee: 50 SOM

Address: 4 km from village of Tosor


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